Oct 28, 2011

Using Small Files

You can use small digital files in your books. The book Lillian Sky was made with tiny digital files, her mom took with a very old cell phone. You wont be able to use those file for a whole page layout, but you can use them in layouts. I added embellishments like scrap pages to enhance this tiny photos.  I will make a huge difference in the way your book prints out! I LOVE this book!. 
                                 Lillian Sky Bryan

This book was made using a lot of tiny files from cell phones, along with some small digital camera files. Placement is everything in this book. Using scrap papers makes some impressive pages.
Some of these shots were not terrific, (Actually most of these photos were not good at all!) but I still used them because they were "special" shots that made the book important. This is actually one of my best books. It printed out beautifully.

Also all those photo collages with lots of tiny pictures were "very tiny" cell photos.
Totally cute pages! I couldn't imagine the book without them in it. I was able to use them by enhancing them with scrap paper.
This book was printed on the premium paper, I highly recommend spending a little more more for it, (approximately five cents per page) it totally changes the look, feel, and durability of the book.  

I used the book cover for this book, if you are going to be showing your books off to a lot of people, you could do the image wrap for the cover. You can actually wipe it clean.
I use book covers, because I display my books on easels. (To me they are a work of ART!) .  Book-covers are also very durable, in case you are wondering.  

This book has 62 pages, 7x7 Book, and has 185 photos..   A great deal of these photos are from a camera phone.

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