Oct 18, 2013

Weddings.. To Hire A Pro OR NOT..?

 I have photographed weddings off and on for 20 or so years. I know for most people, your first choice for Wedding Photographs is to hire a professional photographer. I still recommend a Pro for a large formal Wedding. Or at the very least someone who is REALLY good with a camera! Note here: Someone with a point and shoot can get really great pic with a few camera skills. Its not the camera that takes the pictures folks!!
 Also I have to add one note here, when you hire a Professional Photographer and your wondering why they get what seems to be ridiculous prices.. Photographing weddings is exhausting work, You don't get to miss one thing, and its not done the day of the wedding, it takes about an average week to complete a Pro wedding! Say nothing about all their expenses. Just FYI here.  
 I started out photographing weddings, because one of my husbands friends asked me to take photos of his wedding. I said sure, someone saw those pic, and asked me again, and again, before I knew it I was photographing Weddings on a regular basis. Then came Senior Pictures for yearbooks and I never looked back! lol. There are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to get some pictures for you, and do a great job at it.  
 Most people are looking for a few great shots so they can remember their special day. With the abundance of digital cameras, it seems like everyone has one these days. You don't have to hire a pro to get great pictures for your book. 
I believe a Wedding Book is the way to go, it tells your story, it highlights your day, you can put hundreds of photos in different sizes in one place, you can add vows, and notes and poems, and guest list.. and it will last for years!  
So even if your friends and family are not the greatest shot, you can still have a beautiful Wedding Book.  With a few digital files, (In this case.. more IS better) anyone with a few editing skills can come up with a great book..       ummm..  ME! 

This book was compiled of just shots from guests. I was given approximately 100 shots that were gathered from several guests digital images. You can make some beautiful shots from some.. "not so great shots"!
If you plan ahead you will have many more photos to work with, therefor you will get a much better book. This was an after the wedding thought! I had approximately 100 digital images to work with  for this book, which still came out great! It was a gift from a guest.    The Bride and Groom said it was the best gift they received..   Don't you just love that! I do.

This book is 64 pages, 8x10 landscape, and 129 photos. 

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