Oct 12, 2013

Why Photo-Books..

Printing your photos into books is absolutely one of the best ways to preserve your images. Photo books can hold hundreds of photos, they last for years, and do not deteriorate at the rapid rate that photo albums do and take up a very small space.

Your photographs are your precious memories, they should be preserved and seen OFTEN.

These books take up way less space than conventional albums, hold more pictures, and you can have several different size pictures all in the same book! I can't think of a better way to preserve those memories than in photo book form.

Most people put their albums and or photos in a box and stick them in a closet, (oh wait.. that was years ago, now they are on your computer until it crashes!) to only be seen maybe on that one special occasion, When you go and drag out all those old boxes of photos, or you paste a few special on the social networks, where they downgrade the quality immensely and it gets downgraded each time someone downloads and saves it. We keep buy cameras with 12, 16, 18 and more megapixel, only to post on the computer at about 1/10 of that quality! 

We store them on our computers until it crashes and you lose them completely. I have seen people loose years of photographs. Never making a printed copy, never backing them up and they are gone forever. So please do both! Print them in books and back them up!

I have a tendency to back up whatever photos that are in a book and stick that copy in the back of the book. I also do year end copies, every year, right after the new year. (Just a tip here), at least you are only loosing one years photos, not (years) of photos. Also by making a book with Blurb  Publishing you can most likely get another copy for years down the road. (Also I am not saying you can't with other companies, I have no idea, I use Blurb, because their quality and service is outstanding).

 Keep your books out, let people see them and enjoy your photos, if they wear it out, yea, that means they enjoyed it! You can always get another copy.

Happy Bookmaking!

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